Nick Redfern Interview – A Different Perspective


This will be a treat for our readers who love dissecting facts with an entirely dispassionate point of view. Our favorite dogged investigator Kevin Randle has a dialogue with fortean writer Nick Redfern to discuss his forthcoming book, Secret Societies: The Complete Guide to Histories, Rites, and Rituals. The entire interview is about an hour long but don’t be deterred by the time commitment as the conversation doesn’t lag even once. Still haven’t had enough? Then listen in to Joshua P. Warren on the Paracast. The discussion this week centers around whether any of us would even be capable of recognizing ET if we were face to face with alien life. You will come away from this discourse feeling either really secure (nothing to fear because everything looks normal) or really, really paranoid. Or maybe both–fortean subjects do tend to invite a certain amount of cognitive dissonance. Enjoy! (CM)

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