Newly Discovered Comet Set to Make It’s Closest Approach to Earth on October 18th, Here’s How to Watch


    A comet first spotted back in July is on its way. This comet has been traveling for so long unnoticed until now.

    This comet is being referred to as C/2017 O1 ASAS-SN and was actually found by the Chile-based All Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae (ASAS-SN) system. This comet will reach its closest point in its orbit to the sun at 224 million kilometers (139 million miles) from our local star. It will reach this point on October 14th which is almost here.

    The comet itself will be within the orbit of Mars and should be close enough for just about anyone to see if they can come up with a pair of binoculars. That being said, the perfect time to view this comet will be on October 18th since it will be closest to Earth while having begun moving away from the Sun. Right now it is a mere fuzzy streak but is quite bright.

    If you end up being one of the lucky ones you might end up seeing the comet’s tail in a flash of green as it passes. If you can get your hands on a pair of binoculars I strongly suggest giving it a look. This comet will not return for a few thousand years so your only chance is now. I for one will be checking it out on the 18th.




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