Nevada City Becomes First In The World To Enforce Chemtrail Free Zone


In a historic decision, Nevada city has declared it will be a chemtrail—free zone according to City Hall insiders. 

This decision makes them the first town in
the world to mandate such a law. Green party member, Derrick
Packard didn’t beat around the bush in the rationale by saying: “It’s clear that the global elite are trying to control
everything. We need to demonstrate to the world that the buck
stops here in Nevada City. If you control the skies, you control life.” 

The Nevada County Scooper broke the story;

According to the
Nevada City Treasurer, it is unclear what the fiscal impact will be on
this ordinance. However given the recent litigious and fruitless efforts
by the county Board of Supervisors, legal action could run into the
millions. The tab could be especially high due to the fact that there is
zero evidence of any global chemtrail conspiracy, which could
contribute to forensic investigations outlays reaching into the millions
before the first court motion is drafted. Despite this, area activists
are unrelenting.

“How much is it worth to you to save your
planet?” Questioned a rhetorical Mr. Packard has he pointed to the clear
blue sky above Nevada City. “We want the world to know that our little
town is leading the charge against the elite brainiacs who want
everything for themselves. As Howard Zinn taught us [editor’s note: Mr.
Packard went on for another 45 minutes discussing Professor Zinn.]”
for other pressing Nevada City business, also on the agenda is the a
motion to remove all radio producing devices except for local radio
station KVMR where Ms. Senum ironically hosts a weekly broadcast on the
dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation, and a proposed name change of the
city to Los Mineros to better represent Nevada City’s 150 year
taco-miner heritage.

There are so many amazing things taking place around our planet right now, in terms of people waking up and standing up to the global elite. And although there are are still millions and millions willfully ignorant and asleep, there are millions and millions waking up!

Way to go Nevada City!

If you are new to the topic of chemtrails please watch the video below;

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Nevada County Scooper

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