Nature vs. Nurture: Researchers Find that Psychopathy Can Be Noticed in Early Childhood


    Sure, we all would like to believe everyone has the potential to change but is that true? Maybe.

    A more recent study carried out by the University of Michigan’s Rebecca Waller seems to suggest that signs of psychopathy can be seen even in children as young as 2! When you take the time to look back at the behavior of adults who are known to have psychopathic tendencies, you will notice a lot of people mention having ‘seen it coming.’ Oftentimes, these children abuse or murder family pets, steal things that they don’t really need and bully other children.

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    Waller and her team looked at an unusual data set in which samples of 731 2-year-olds and their mothers were followed from then until the age of 9 and a half. Researchers for this were focusing on Callous-Unemotional (CU) pre-psychopathic behavior. This meaning they were looking for lower levels of empathy and guilt or a general lack of feeling for other people.

    These findings showed that by age 3 toddlers who rated high on the DC scale actually developed into children with significant behavior issues. While most issues would be cast off as the ‘terrible twos,’ they passed on over and were not always outgrown. While you could interpret this in any way you would like, many see this as a sign that psychopathy could, in fact, begin in childhood.

    That being said, of course, there will always be those who go unnoticed. What do you think about all of this? Do you believe we are born as blank slates or do you think that we are already born a bit messed up in the head?

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