NASA Lucifer Project: We’re About to Bomb Saturn with Plutonium 238


    Many theories have surrounded the prospect of a top-secret NASA project, which has been given the name the Lucifer Project. According to the theorists, NASA is attempting to turn Saturn or Jupiter into a small sun.

    Until recently, the plan seemed to have little basis, that is unless you had read the official plans for the Cassini mission as it is provided by NASA. With little research, you will find a page on NASA’s official website deemed the “Grand Finale”, which describes in great detail the exact method in which NASA will complete the Cassini mission.

    The mission, which began almost 20 years ago, is said to come to an end on September 15, 2017, at 5:07 a.m (PDT). According to NASA, this is exactly how it will end:

    “In late 2016, the Cassini spacecraft will begin a completely new type of mission at Saturn. During its final months, the intrepid spacecraft’s orbit will carry it high above the planet’s north pole and then send it plunging between the planet and the innermost edge of its dazzling rings.”

    “Beginning on Nov. 30, 2016, Cassini will repeatedly climb high above Saturn’s north pole, then plunge to a point just outside the narrow F ring (the edge of the main rings), completing 20 such orbits. Then, on April 22, 2017, Cassini will leap over the rings to begin its final series of daring dives between the planet and the inner edge of the rings.”

    “This is the Cassini’s “Grand Finale.” After 22 of these orbits, each taking six days to complete, the spacecraft, will plunge into the upper atmosphere of the gas giant planet.”

    Up until the last moment, the Cassini will continue to provide data of each and every last second. Of course, this would provide us with more information than we have ever been able to obtain regarding the details of Saturn’s atmosphere. NASA maintains that their reasoning in completing the mission in this manner is due to their interests in preventing contamination on any of Saturn’s moons that could potentially harbor alien life.

    Due to the fact that Saturn is so far from the Sun, the Cassini has been powered by 73 pounds of plutonium-238 to generate electricity via thermoelectrics. 

    If the Cassini did indeed plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere, it would be the equivalent of a nuclear missile striking the planet. It is because of this very fact that many people believe that NASA is attempting to turn the planet into a small sun. Of course, this theory didn’t begin with the Cassini, as the “Lucifer Project” has been in existence for quite some time among theorists. However, the manner in which NASA has decided to end the Cassini mission has merely backed the belief of said theorists.

    As it stands, the Lucifer Project could merely be just as was stated before, a theory. However, it is, unfortunately, hard to say due to the fact that scientists have given little attention to the conspiracy theories surrounding the Cassini and it’s Grand Finale. While NASA is, in fact, credible in some aspects, they have lost much of their credibility in the past few decades because of whistleblowers that once worked for them. Many of their past scientists and astronauts have now come out saying that their official stories on various missions were saturated in lies. For now, we can only speculate, but if any further information is to come out, we could possibly see the truth brought to light.

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