NASA Captured Something Huge Coming Out of Uranus


    Uranus has been studied using the Hubble telescope, during this time they have seen all sorts of things hit the planet. What has been found now is going to be part one of a study regarding the auroras found on other planets.

    Astronomers have managed to look away from these magnificent auroras and relocate the magnetic poles of Uranus. You see, Uranus is nothing more than a huge blueish ball of gas that is a good distance away. NASA is now confident that they know the coordinates of these poles. These poles were lost and now it is amazing that they have been found.

    The video you are going to be seeing below is a mixture of new and old photos taken. This orbiting disk of the planet was something that came from the Voyager 2 and the Aurora itself from those taken by the Hubble telescope. As you will notice there is a shimmering region on Uranus, this is caused by a powerful burst of solar wind.

    This is quite an interesting sight. These spectacular light shows are quite mesmerizing and seem to have a lot to tell us. What do you think about all of this?

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