NASA Admits To Using Chemtrails To Expose Americans To THESE Deadly Chemicals


    Despite the counterclaims we have been hearing for years, with a quick click of a button, you can visit NASA’s website to find proof of chemtrails. Not only does their website provide this proof, Douglas E. Rowland a NASA scientist that was once in charge of the project admits to lithium chemtrails in a recorded phone call.

    During the call, Rowland admits that this form of ionospheric testing has been taking place since the 1970’s. He further asserts that it was used throughout the 1990’s and into the 200’s. However, despite the woman’s concern in the call regarding the use of lithium, Rowland maintains that “The lithium is actually harmless to the environment.”

    “And these chemtrails, there are different kinds of chemtrails as you probably know,” Rowland states, and continues to say,
    “there are different trails we use at night and different trails during the day.”

    “The wind blows them around, they glow, and we can see how the wind blows around.”

    And while that is evidence enough to understand that we are being misled by the various organizations that that claims of chemtrails are merely conspiracy theories, NASA’s own website explains the experiment in simple terms:

    “In this experiment, the scientists will fly two pairs of rockets. One in each pair will measure data about the charged or “ionized” gas — called plasma — as well as the neutral gas, through which it travels. The other will shoot out a long trail of lithium gas to track the wind movement. The instrumented rockets are 40 feet long and 17 inches in diameter, carrying a payload of 600 lbs. The lithium rockets are 14 inches in diameter and are about six feet long.”

    Despite Rowland’s claim that lithium is harmless to the environment, looking back to the psychiatry industry, you will begin to see a different story unfold. Lithium has been used for decades now and works by altering the flow of norepinephrine and serotonin that the brain secretes to balance brain patterns.

    Yet, doctors who have been using this compound for years, still don’t fully understand how lithium works. Furthermore, with even the slightest of overdosing, the patient can endure a painful liver failure that could kill them. Due to this, patients have their levels tested regularly, and it isn’t a rare occasion in which their levels end up being too high and the medication dose ends up being lowered.

    So, even with that being said, something that is almost common knowledge, NASA feels that it is ok to spray excessive amounts of this very same compound on the general public. What happens when they spray a tad bit too much, and overdose not only all of us but our environment that houses us? What will be done then?

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