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We all remember the ‘Plymouth hum’ – but now it looks like we’ve got another strange noise to be worried about.

City resident Joao Caetano heard what he has described as a “creepy sound” near the Royal William Yard at the weekend with his wife.

Whipping out his phone, he started recording the extraterrestrial-like drone – before quickly scarpering.

Nothing can be seen in the video apart from streetlights and cars, but there’s a constant murmur in the background, which Joao had never heard before.

If you listen closely, as well as the sound of wind whipping through boats and yachts in the marina, another noise can be heard.

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For decades, Plymouth has been plagued by a low, droning humming noise.

The ‘Plymouth Hum’ has for years baffled hundreds across the city. People are kept awake at night and speculation has been rife as to what causes the sound.

Many have up to now claimed the noise to be a myth. Others have mused that the hum is caused by wind turbines, or power lines, or even UFOs.

Where the ‘Plymouth hum’ has been heard (above)

In 2015 The Herald reported that French scientist, Fabrice Ardhuin, believed he had finally solved the mystery behind the hum that infuriates so many.

According to the senior research scientist at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, the aggravating and divisive humming pitch is down to the pressure of waves vibrating on the ocean floor. Apparently only about two per cent of people can hear the movements. But for those who can, it causes misery.

Could this new strange sound be something similar?

Here are some possible explanations as to what it could be…

1. UFO

There have been many potential sightings of UFOs in the South West over the years.

Could drone possibly be the noise coming from a flying saucer?

2. Wind

It was blowing a hoolie at the weekend, and although we would much rather this be the sound coming from a UFO, there’s always the possibility it could just be a strong gale reverberating through the marina.

3. Didgeridoo

It’s a possibility.

4. Cannibal rats

Well, you never know.

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