Murray spotted training for Wimbledon by hitting balls at high speed sports cars


At Thruxton, the fastest motor-racing circuit in the UK, the Scottish sporting icon faced off against a range of 200mph Jaguar F-TYPE wheels.

Murray’s challenge was to hit a tennis ball at a target attached to the cars, which were driven by a mystery stunt driver.

In the clip one of the supercharged vehicles can be seen zooming round the track as Murray – dressed in full tennis whites – does his level best to hit the target.

The cars and Murray engage in a “match”, where each tots up points depending on whether Murray hits or misses the target.

After competing against several of Jaguar’s top models, Murray finally loses out to the cars’ incredible speeds.

He said of his challenge: “Trying to find an inch perfect serve at 130mph against the top players in the world is tough enough, but hitting a target racing past you at 160mph was the toughest and most unique match I’ve had.”

Rolling up towards him after the match, the driver of the supercars – and Murray’s winning opponent – finally reveals himself.

Whipping off his helmet, Murray is stunned to see that his competitor is none other than John McEnroe, three-time Wimbledon champion.

Laughing, Murray throws back his head in disbelief, exclaiming: “You cannot be serious!”

McEnroe, on the other hand, jokes: “What did you expect?”

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