More Proof That News Is Controlled By A Central Script Writer


    Despite the massive amount of information now available that indicates that the mainstream media is a farce, many people continue to believe in it. However, if you haven’t realized this truth yet, you will after watching this video.

    In the video, you are shown various clips in which various news networks are depicted reporting on the same news. While this obviously isn’t strange, what is, is that in each clip the news anchors use exactly the same rhetoric “inform” the public. This isn’t a new occurrence within the American media either. Simply type various phrases including “media is scripted”, “media is staged”, “mainstream media is fake”, etc, and you will see a plethora of videos in front of your eyes.

    While it is quite sad that so-called credible sources of information aren’t quite what many believe them to be, what is even sadder, is that people continue to believe. Their lies, manipulation, and propaganda are not hidden from view. Furthermore, their exposure has become more and more prevalent as alternative sources of media have made their way to the limelight. Yet, these networks continue to flourish and brainwash the masses. Isn’t it about time that we tuned out?

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