Mind-Blowing Quantum Experiment Shows Time Isn’t What We Imagine


    Did you know science has now discovered that time is an illusion?

    We accept the clocks and calendars as representations of our lives.

    But linear existence expresses only a fraction of information about the multi-dimensional world of atomic-time.

    Yakir Aharonov, regarded as the world’s leading quantum theorist, dived into the atomic nature of time in a paper submitted to  Nature Physics back in 2012.

    Within the article, Yakir leads us down into the real world of atomic time… which can barely be called “time” at all.

    Since then,  other experiments show even more of the multi-dimensional workings of atomic “time”.

    Basic Quantum Truths

    In order to really get down and dirty in the quantum world, there are basic quantum truths we need to know.

    To understand these truths, there is an experiment that has gotten popular attention in recent years.  It shows the unpredictable behavior of atoms, and how the atoms maintain an irregular and random pattern … that is, until they interact with humans, (which the experiment calls “the observer”).

    Here… let me show you this quantum behavior.  “The Double Slit Experiment” (5:03)

    You are probably asking yourself:

    How can a single piece of matter be fully itself and yet exist in multiple locations, and be void of any physical properties until it is “measured” or “observed”?

    And once observed… how can that piece of matter choose, out of the infinite possibilities, to move along a defined path?

    Quantum Uncertainty

    CosmicScientist.com reports,

    This quantum uncertainty is defined as the ability, “according to the quantum mechanic laws that govern subatomic affairs, of a particle like an electron to exist in a murky state of possibility — to be anywhere, everywhere or nowhere at all — until clicked into substantiality by a laboratory detector or an eyeball.”(New York Times)

    According to physicist Andrew Truscott, lead researcher from a study published by the Australian National University, the experiment suggests that “reality does not exist unless we are looking at it.” It suggests that we are living in a holographic-type of universe. (source)

    The Double-Slit Experiment And Atomic-Time

    Now, let’s jump deeper….

    CosmicScientist.com continues,

    Like the quantum double slit experiment, the delayed choice/quantum eraser has been demonstrated and repeated time and time again. For example, Physicists at The Australian National University (ANU) have conducted John Wheeler’s delayed-choice thought experiment, the findings were recently published in the journal Nature Physics. (source)

    In 2007 (Science 315, 966, 2007), scientists in France shot photons into an apparatus and showed that their actions could retroactively change something which had already happened.

    “If we attempt to attribute an objective meaning to the quantum state of a single system, curious paradoxes appear: quantum effects mimic not only instantaneous action-at-a-distance, but also, as seen here, influence of future actions on past events, even after these events have been irrevocably recorded.” – Asher Peres, pioneer in quantum information theory (source)(source)(source)

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