Massive 6.2 Magnitude Earthquakes Has Hit Japan Coast Near Fukushima


    Planet Earth has been experiencing some devastating natural disasters this year. 2017 will be famous for having multiple once in every 500 years storms. Now that you just thought they were over, we are still experiencing devastation from natural disasters.

    When I say natural disasters it is probably a given that this is a chain reaction from the tremendous environmental disturbances we’ve caused. We have essentially ruined our atmosphere, and it looks like we’re about to start paying for it. This year south Texas was devastated by Hurricane Harvey, Southern florida and the east coast were destroyed by Hurricane Irma, and we are already awaiting Hurricane Maria. Aside from the three record setting hurricanes we’ve just endured, Japan has been hit by a detrimental earthquake.

    The earthquake occurred on the South East of Kamaishi at about 2:37 AM. It was measured as a 10 KM 6.2 magnitude earthquake. Japan has already been devastated by a horrendous earthquake in 2011. Four people died and dozens were injured due to the landslides, tsunami’s, and fires.

    While no details have yet been released regarding the damages of the horrendous 6.2 earthquake we know it can’t be good. Not to mention the fact that this was the third major earthquake in just a 24 hour period. All we can say right now is keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers and send as many good vibrations as possible.

    Our hearts go out to those affected.

    image via NBC News.

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