Mainstream Media Silent As North Korea Repeatedly Offers To Shut Down Nuclear Programs


    The world has nonetheless been in somewhat of a fritz recently, much because of the growing tensions between nuclear weapon bearing countries. But you only know what the media tells you, and they’re not reporting the whole truth.

    Most people are aware of the recent tensions between North Korea and the United States. Obviously, the entire world is rather discomforted by North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, but what the media isn’t telling us is that North Korea has repeatedly offered to halt its nuclear weapons program. Most people only get their news from their television or by skimming major news headlines. There is one issue with this though; everyone is getting their news from an unreliable source. They bend the truth, reporting on propaganda and more. They use the news to control our perception!

    North Korea proposed it’s crucial step in a message delivered to the United States on Friday. Delivered through an unspecified channel, North Korean Central News Agency said. North Korea has previously relayed messages to Washington through the United Nations mission in New York. North Korea has always wanted the United States to stop its joint military exercises with South Korea, and it’s always been dismissed until now.

    North Korea has offered something new in return for the broken military union of the United States and South Korea, and it’s gotten the attention of the US for sure. North Korea offered to temporarily suspend nuclear tests in return for a suspension of the joint military exercises this year.

    Kim Jung Un even said that he might consider meeting with the president of South Korea. That is, ‘if the mood was right.’ He even continued saying that the two Koreas should celebrate the 70th anniversary of their liberation from Japanese control. North Korea has certainly toned down their harsh language when referring to their southern neighbor.

    The media continues to misinform the public on the entire issue. Noam Chomsky explained in an interview with Democracy! Now, the United States continues to categorically reject North Korea’s proposal:

    “There is one proposal that’s ignored. You see a mention of it now and then. It’s a pretty simple proposal. Remember the goal is to get North Korea to freeze its weapons systems – weapons and missile systems. One proposal is to accept their offer to do that. Sounds simple, they’ve made a proposal – China and North Korea – proposed to freeze the North Korean missile and nuclear weapons systems and the U.S. instantly rejected it. And you can’t blame that on Trump, Obama did the same thing, a couple of years ago. The Same offer was presented – I think it was 2015 – the Obama administration instantly rejected it.”

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