Magnitude 6.9 – 37km ESE of Namie, Japan, close to Fukushima: Second major quake in 24 hours as massive coronal hole faces Earth



    A magnitude 6.4 – 10km SSW of Zonda, hit Argentina last night, it came as a massive coronal hole on the Sun returned to face Earth raising concerns of further major quakes to hit in the coming days.
    At the end of October, a hole in the sun’s atmosphere lashed Earth’s magnetic field with solar wind, sparking strong geomagnetic storms and almost a full week of Arctic auroras. It’s back. The same “coronal hole” is turning toward Earth again, it has shrunk a little but it still covers a third of our Sun. 

    The West coast of the US is looking more and more vulnerable as its the only area of the “ring of fire” not to witness a major quake this year and the law of averages would suggest “the big one” has to come sooner or later.

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