Lorna Hunter Interview – A Different Perspective


A Different Perspective: X-Zone Broadcast Network – Lorna Hunter

X-Zone Broadcast Network – Lorna Hunter

week I talked with Lorna Hunter of The International Paranormal Society about
UFOs in Minnesota, especially the sighting known as the Tin Can Man, and Val
Johnson’s encounter that left his patrol car damaged and, of course, we did get
into the Paranormal briefly. You can listen to it here:
To learn
more about her work in the Paranormal, you can find it here:
talked about the UFO landing in Minnesota on October 23, 1965, in which the
witness said that he had seen a “Buck Rogers” type spaceship, or maybe I should
say, something more like a V-2, that had landed on its fins on a Minnesota
highway. Under it were several little moving objects that were no bigger than
Coke cans. They disappeared into the ship and it took off. The Air Force
investigated but decided the sighting was the result of psychological problems.
If you go to search the Project Blue Book databases, you’ll need to use Lone
Prairie, Minnesota rather than the actual Long Prairie. You can see more about
the Tin Can Man here:
week’s guest: Larry Lawson

Yes, we move again into the world of the Paranormal.

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