Large Wave of Energy from Unknown Source Hitting Earth Now


    A massive wave of energy has been detected on accident by the MIMIC TPW microwave background imagery. As of now, you can still view the wave as it takes place, by going to the links provided here and here.

    As the energy hits Earth is covering both sides of the planet for many hours at a time. The wave began to form on 12/18 and is still occurring. According to monitoring from GOES, the event has not been caused by major solar storms, wings, or electron content in the ionosphere. Due to this, the origination of this influx of energy is unknown.

    When microwaves become trapped in the Earth’s magnetosphere, the waves are converted to DC energy in a natural “rectenna” process. At this point, the waves are then transmitted into the ground, or the Earth’s core. If what we are seeing on the MIMIC TPW microwave imagery is, in fact, correct, then a massive amount of energy is being forced into the core of our planet.

    Unfortunately, there could be many implications for such a massive up-rise in such energy including volcanic activity and even earthquakes. The event itself has been massively unreported, so currently, it is hard to speak on any definite possibilities. Glitches are of course a possibility with such technology, however, if this event is real, it could be an indication of bizarre space weather, according to researchers.

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