JURASSIC MARS: 'Dinosaur’s skull found on the Red Planet' in NASA image


A new image appears to show the fossilised head of a large dinosaur has emerged online.

Scott C Waring uploaded the image, which he says he found by scouring through NASA photographs taken in space on Mars by the Curiosity Rover droid, to website ufosightingsdaily.com.

In a blog entitled: “Alien Skull Found On Mars In Billion Pixel NASA Photo”, he wrote: “This is fun, it’s a billion pixel photo from Mars and it’s got a lot of detail. 

“The screenshots above show an alien skull. I have seen other skulls similar to this one, sorry, I lost count, but a lot. So I recognized it right away for what it is. 

“Also there was a screaming face (below) with a larger face not far from it. Neither is human but the smaller does have some resemblance to old Mayan carvings.” 

Waring is convinced, after finding an array of alleged evidence in NASA pictures, that the Red Planet was once occupied by the same life forms as here on Earth, including intelligent beings.

It is not the first time an alleged dinosaur skull has been found either.

In July, paranormal investigators released a video showing what was described as being like the skull on Mars of a herbivorous dinosaur.

They even labelled the image, marking out significant parts of the skull, such as teeth, jaw and a nasal cavity.

The Paranormal Crucible YouTube channel uploaded a video about the discovery, saying it could also be a wild horse type creature.

An array of alleged skulls, and other so-called creatures, have allegedly been found in NASA pictures of Mars taken by the Curiosity rover droid, which is exploring the Red Planet.

NASA denies finding anything of significance, other than signs of water on the surface, and sceptics say these “discoveries” are just odd-shaped rocks coupled with the effects of pareidolia.

Pareidolia is when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes in patterns or textures, such as clouds or rock surfaces.

But, in July, in its video blurb, Paranormal Crucible claimed on that occasion to have proved it was genuine.

It said: “This artefact is definitely a creature’s skull, possibly a dinosaur or an equus feru (wild horse) species.

“I have pointed out areas like the mandible and maxilla as well as six other points of reference, this proves its not a weird shaped rock. I will post the HQ image on my Facebook page as a point of reference for any researchers.”

But the channel has been accused of misleading viewers, because it openly admits digitally manipulating the images.

It says it adds colour to “better highlight” the object, but has even been known to draw in facial features.

The blurb added: “I have not added anything to this image apart from colourisation, its all there in the raw image, amazing.”

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