JFK Gives Speech About "Weather Control" in 1961


Most people have no idea that what they would consider to be “acts of God” can easily be acts of the government. After all, weather modification has been in existence for over 50 years already

Below you can actually see JFK publicly address the prospect of “Weather modification” to a large audience;

Just a few years after this speech, during the Vietnam war, weather modification was used as a form of warfare in Operation Popeye which you can learn a bit more about in the video below;

In fact, the United Nations had various nations sign a treaty that they would not engage in weather warfare which you can read about HERE.

To imagine that all of these governments will uphold the treaty is obviously naive. Government is a structure of compulsive lying and deception. This is also why people, when looking at the sky, believe that chemtrails are being used against the population. This belief becomes all the more powerful when researchers have unearthed that their are high levels of chemicals being found in the soil of areas where the skies are riddled with what appears to be chemtrails.

Whatever you choose to believe, the government and military industrial complex being able to manipulate the weather should raise red flags for everyone.

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