It Turns Out that Forgetfulness Is Actually a Sign of Higher Intelligence


    Are you one of those people who would forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on? I know I am and now I am proud of it!

    While those who have good memories have often been praised it seems some praise may also be in order for those who tend to forget things. Researchers from the University of Toronto say that remembering things and forgetting things are actually BOTH important. This paper was published in the journal Neuron and went over several different studies in order to come to a conclusion.

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    They analyzed the neurobiology of remembering things and forgetting things and found that the two processes actually interact with one another. They noticed that having what one would consider to be ‘bad memory’ is a mechanism that the brain uses in order to make space for more relevant information.

    Your mind is only getting rid of things it believes are not as important so that it will not be wasting space. According to Professor Richards, one of the things that make our environments more memorable is how consistent it is. If the information is something you will be able to access easily your brain is not going to remember it as well. Your mind is going to free up that space because it knows if you need the information you can get it elsewhere.

    So if you have a trouble remembering things don’t feel bad, you are much smarter than you think and these things are happening for a reason. We should all cleanse our memories from time to time actually, and this can be done through exercise. You see when we exercise we are increasing the number of neurons we have in our hippocampus. This helps to erase some of the memories we don’t need.

    Forgetting things is not a sign that you have bad memory but a sign that your brain is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Where you left your phone is just apparently not as important as you would think!

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