Is Time Travel Really Possible? According to Physicists It Is!


    As much as you’re going to want to claim this is fake, everything seems to add up. Time travel has always been perceived as science fiction, but this world class physicist begs to differ.

    I know what you’re thinking… Time travel? Really? Although it sounds crazy, we were bound to discover something about it eventually. Scientists, researchers, and physicists have studied the subject for hundreds of years. Some of the most intelligent people we have on Earth today have agreed that time travel is very possible. Including world class physicist, Brian Cox! He claims that it is only possible to go into the future, and he made a stunning experiment to prove his theory.

    “In General Relativity, you can do it in principle,” said Cox. “It’s to do with building these things called wormholes; shortcuts through space and time. But most physicists doubt it. Hawking came up with the ‘chronology protection conjecture’ – physics we don’t yet understand that means wormholes are not stable.”

    You can see his experiment in the video below. Have we officially arrived into the future we always imagined? Next thing coming are flying cars. What do you think?

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