Is Time Travel Possible? Physicists Seem to Think Worm Holes Are The Answer


    While time travel has not yet been made possible, there is no denying the possibility of it in the future.  Time travel is something we have always been obsessed with as human beings.

    I know as a child I dreamt of traveling through time, whether it was forward or backward. Because of our fascination with time travel, tons of different researchers have explored the subject. While we haven’t quite gotten to the point where we can actually travel through time as mentioned above, these researchers seem to think we could ‘bend’ it.

    According to James Beacham, if space can be bent then so can spacetime. One method of time travel suggested by him was traveling through wormholes. Beacham says that because space is a 3-dimensional body that all things move within, space is nothing more than a 4-dimensional continuum.

    The idea that wormholes work as bridges between two points is quite interesting yet still could end up as anything. Just a few years back, scientists had built a wormhole model. This model created a portal for magnetic fields. Wormholes are possible, whether you think so or not.

    You see, to make this model, wormhole physics professor Alvaro Sanchez and his team began with just a few smaller scale superconductors. When it came to testing this ‘wormhole’ out, the magnetized cylinder showed two poles until it was sent into a sphere. When this cylinder came out from the other end of the sphere, only the pole that was sticking out could be seen.

    While this specific ‘wormhole’ cannot transport people or particles, it does seem to be quite the advancement. This is a critical step towards formulating a wormhole that can do what we are setting out for it to do. It does appear that someday we will be able to manipulate spacetime. Sure, this cylinder was not traveling faster than light but it did invoke the image of a classic wormhole.

    Things like this are merely the beginning of something much more. There are a number of ways that in time travel could become a reality. Who knows maybe in the next 100 years visiting deceased loved ones will be as simple as hopping into a time travel booth. You can learn more about this wormhole model by clicking here.


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