Is This The Breakthrough That Finally Ends ‘Big Oil’ and Brings Solar Power to The World?


    We all know how big and bulky solar panels are not to mention how expensive. However, that may be coming to an end soon as scientists in Australia have been working on something quite interesting.

    Scientists in Australia have produced the largest ever printed solar cells. This was done using a newly developed solar cell printer. Yes, these scientists are printing solar cells! Printing these cells on such a large scale will open them up to an enormous range of opportunities.

    This is amazing. These solar cells can be used to power lights, advertisement signs and more. Dr. David Jones even hopes to use them for something beyond amazing someday.

    “Eventually we see these being laminated to windows that line skyscrapers. By printing directly to materials like steel, we’ll also be able to embed cells onto roofing materials.”

    These solar cells are organic and very different from the normal solar panels we are used to seeing. These solar cells are much lighter, flexible, and are going to be much cheaper. The manufacturing and technology for this is still in the research phase but in time will be able to benefit a large amount of people. For more information on this please watch the video below.

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