Is there life on Mars? NASA scientist reveals where aliens could be living


Tiny microbes could be living in pools of water just below the Red Planet’s surface, says Professor Alfred McEwen.

He believes the organisms will be similar to those found in huge underwater lakes in Antarctica.

And experts say that if humans can capture the bacteria-like cells on Mars, then they could unlock the secrets of early life on Earth.

“There is probably a connection between life on Mars and life on Earth”

Prof McEwen

Last month, UFO fanatics were convinced this cloud formation has been hiding extraterrestrials.

Prof McEwen, who is professor of planetary geology at the University of Arizona, said: “The billion-year-old record of life on Earth is largely lost. But on Mars it is still preserved.

“There is probably a connection between life on Mars and life on Earth.

“The search for ancient life on Mars may really be a search for the origin of life on Earth.”

This comes after EU boss’ bold claim aliens are worried about Brexit after his chat with “leaders of other planets”.

And a spooky family home in a “UFO triangle” where aliens have landed is on the market.


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