Is Free Will Real? Better Believe It (Even if it’s Not)


    Believing in free will is actually good for you. Belief in free will could predict better career attitudes and even improve a person’s job performance overall.

    A recent study about the impact of free will on success at work carried out by researcher Roy Baumeister shows that believing in free will does, in fact, improve your career attitude as a whole. That being said Baumeister is not the only one to go over this subject. The debate of free will has been going on for centuries.

    For the first part of this study, it was shown that stronger beliefs in free will corresponded to more positive attitudes about expected success in a career setting. The second part in which actual job performance was evaluated objectively as well as independently by a supervisor results showed that employees who supported free will were given better performance evaluations. Those who did not believe in free will did not perform as well.

    It is quite interesting that rather than trying to determine whether or not free will is real many researchers are covering whether or not believing in it is helpful. Baumeister’s study shows us that believing in free will does really have intrinsic value. There are actually other studies that show us that it could even be important for the health of a wider society.

    One study even showed that belief in the opposite of free will increased a person’s chances of cheating. Believing in free will seems to make people smarter, better at their jobs, and without a doubt more helpful to those around them. For more information on the benefits of believing in free will check out the video below. What do you believe in?

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