Interesting Leak: A Second NASA Scientist Tells Us That ‘Somebody Else’ Is On The Moon


    Throughout the years we have been told various stories regarding the moon and the continuing endeavor for its exploration. Due to the many stories, there are some who speculate that we still haven’t received the exact truth from the powers that be.

    Quite a few NASA workers have made bizarre claims regarding the Moon, and George Leonard is one of them. He worked as a scientist and photo analyst and obtained various official Moon photographs from NASA. He later published them in his book “Somebody Else is on the Moon.”

    Unfortunately, those photos are small in size and have poor resolution. While he does include identifying code numbers so that the photos can be sourced, we cannot verify their legitimacy one way or the other. Leonard also makes compelling statements about what was discovered on the Moon, and he did verifiable work for NASA. Leonard is not the only one with a credible background that has attempted to bring the truth to light surrounding Moon the Apollo missions and the photos taken.

    Bob Dean was a retired U.S Army Command Sargent Major that served at the Supreme Headquarters Allies Powers Europe (SHAPE) of NATO as an intelligence analyst. According to him,

    “Ladies and gentlemen, my government, NASA, which many of us in the United States say stands for Never A Straight Answer, proceeded to erase 40 rolls of film of the Apollo Program — the flight to the Moon, the flight around the Moon, the landings on the Moon, the walking guys here and there. They erased, for Christ’s sake, 40 rolls of film of those events. Now we’re talking about several thousand individual frames that were taken that the so-called authorities determined that you did not have a right to see. Oh, they were ‘disruptive,’ ‘socially unacceptable,’ ‘politically unacceptable.’ I’ve become furious. I’m a retired Command Sergeant Major. I was never famous for having a lot of patience.”

    Russia has also recently requested that an international investigation be conducted for the U.S moon landings. Their reasoning is due to the disappearance of the film footage from the original moon landing in 1969.

    Leonard openly stated that NASA knew about extraterrestrial activity on the Moon, and tried to hide it from the public. Of course, he isn’t the only one to make this allegation.

    “Read the books, read the lore, start to understand what has really been going on, because there is no doubt that we are being visited. . . . The universe that we live in is much more wondrous, exciting, complex and far-reaching than we were ever able to know up to this point in time. . . . [Mankind has long wondered if we’re] alone in the universe. [But] only in our period do we really have evidence. No, we’re not alone.” – Dr. Edgar Mitchell, ScD., NASA astronaut (6th man to walk on the moon)

    And NASA astronaut, Dr. Brian O’Leary has stated the same thing.

    Dr. John Brandenburg, who also worked for NASA as a plasma scientist has also come forward with his own statements that support both O’Leary and Leonard. In an interview, he stated that “It was (the Clementine Mission) a photo reconnaissance mission basically to check out if someone was building bases on the moon that we didn’t know about. Were they expanding them?”

    Continuing he said, “Of all the pictures I’ve seen from the moon that show possible structures, the most impressive is a picture of a mile’s wide recto-linear structure. This looked unmistakably artificial, and it shouldn’t be there. As somebody in the space defense community, I look on any such structure on the moon with great concern because it isn’t ours, there’s no way we could have built such a thing. It means someone else is up there.”

    While we cannot confirm or deny what exactly is out there, it does appear that there are many former astronauts and scientists that are coming forward and telling us one thing for sure: that we are not being told the absolute truth. Furthermore, while it may be easy to dismiss one whisteblower, wouldn’t it be insane to not investigate numerous other claims? It would appear that if numerous people are stating the same claims, that maybe it is time that we investigated further, and got to the bottom of the truth, whatever that may be.

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