Illuminati Wiping Out Motherhood Here’s How and Why


    In a compelling two-part video series, one YouTuber explains how the Illuminati is using social engineering to eradicate human motherhood. And while that may sound like an outlandish topic, he actually makes a number of very valid points.

    Not only does he make valid points, he uses real life examples that back his theories. From constant battles surrounding gender fluidity to the entire family model slowly but surely dissipating, our society provides a number of signs that motherhood is being systematically destroyed. And if the person that is responsible for caring for you and teaching you about love is removed from your life, we could see a generation of psychopaths.

    According to the National Institutes of Health, children that are raised without a maternal figure in their lives beginning in early childhood are at risk for socioemotional development issues. Furthermore, children generally end up with a mental health diagnosis of some sort if they are not raised around a nurturing mother figure.

    Now, think back to society. The family unit has almost all but disintegrated. Most children have either one parent or the other, but it is no longer typical to have both. In the following videos, YouTuber ‘Pocketsofhtefuture’ explains that it is not by accident that our society is slowly but surely becoming dismantled. Actually, according to him and his numerous examples, the rich elite are making this happen so that they may assume control.

    And while the videos are decently long, they are packed with information that may make you rethink your views on everything. Even if you are pretty knowledgable about the state affairs in the world today, I still encourage you to listen to the following video. If you don’t walk away mindblown, then you weren’t paying attention.

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