If You Have THIS Blood Type, You Might Have Alien DNA


    It is widely understood that there are four common blood types as determined by the proteins found within the blood – O, AB, B and A. We are also familiar with the terms RH positive and RH negative, but what do those terms mean, and where did RH negative blood types REALLY come from?

    It all comes back to monkeys, and the basic concept of evolution. Scientists have long theorized that the human population and modern day monkeys evolved from a common ancestor. The Rhesus monkey and those with RH positive blood both posses an essential evolutionary gene, supporting the theory of evolution. However, if this is true and we all evolved from one common ancestor, why is it that 10 to 15% of the population, those with RH negative blood types, do not carry this gene?

    Scientists have spent countless years collecting and accumulating data trying to find the answer to this question. They state that looking back about 35,000 years they can link the blood type to specific tribes and ethnic groups. Europeans were the highest carriers, while only 3% of American-Americans and 1% of Asian people were found to be RH negative.

    In a recent article, David Wolfe (Health, Eco, Nutrition and Natural Beauty Expert) revealed there are some traits that can be found across most of the population that currently has the Rh-negative blood type. These individuals often have a higher IQ than the rest of the population Their eyes are statistically blue, green or hazel, and regardless of the specific colour, they are vivid and piercing. Most of them have a reddish shade of hair.  Their senses are highly tuned with a sensitivity to heat. They display empathic qualities and often experience unexplained phobias.

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    Adding further to the mystery, if a woman with RH negative blood is carrying a baby with RH positive blood the two types are so incompatible that her body will actually attack and try to kill the fetus unless she is administered the necessary sterilized solution (Anti-D or RHO(D) immunoglobulin)

    This leaves many scientists with only one logical conclusion: At some point in the history of the human population aliens visited our planet for a brief period and while they were here they somehow impacted the genetics of a portion of the population, bestowing mankind with the RH negative blood type.

    Still don’t believe the data? Adding to this mystery, all those who have been reported to have been abducted by aliens possess the RH negative blood type!

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    There is still much to learn, and more data to unveil, but until there is a more solid conclusion this is where we stand! There are, however, numerous reports through history – as depicted in ancient texts and depictions, indicating we have been visited by some sort of being that did not originate on this planet.

    What about now? What can we do with this knowledge? Keep educating ourselves and continue the search. Scientists are continuing to research and uncover more each and every day, searching irrefutable proof of the origin of the RH negative blood type.

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