If Americans Truly Cared About Muslims, They Would Stop Killing Them by the Millions


    With Donald Trump’s implementation of a temporary travel ban throughout several predominantly Muslim countries, a massive uprising of protesters who have expressed dissent has come to the surface. Sadly, however, apparently, these protesters have forgotten exactly how many of these nations we have been bombing for decades.

    During the times that the U.S waged wars and sanctions against Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, and killed millions of people, only silence was heard. Instead, while Obama continued to wage war throughout the middle east during his two terms, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 

    Of course, Obama wasn’t the first president to begin empire building. We have been waging war against the Middle East for years, and for what? Because Saddam Hussein supposedly had weapons of mass destruction? Or because Ghaddafi was using his citizens as human shields? Sadly, none of the above claims were ever proven to be true. Yet, when Donald Trump merely places a temporary ban on countries that have been associated with terroristic threats, suddenly America cares about Muslims?

    Hmm, isn’t that interesting, considering that the same people who protested against Bush, and went completely silent during Obama’s terms, are the exact same ones who are all of a sudden angry about the mistreatment of Muslim nations?

    However, they obviously forget that President Obama actually made the list of nations included in the ban when he signed the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015. Trump merely enforced the same legislation.

    Even with the riots and protests and outrage regarding the “travel ban”, there has yet to be a movement towards peace. Instead of people working towards a better world, they are going out and destroying businesses and beating people up who sympathize with the opposition to their core political beliefs. At the same time, they completely forget their core beliefs when their political party takes part in the same disgusting acts. Maybe it is time that we separate right and wrong, from republican and democrat, and begin thinking for ourselves.

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