Husband KILLS Ex-Wife for Allowing Boyfriend to MOLEST Their Daughter Who Committed SUICIDE


This is a sensitive topic for many reasons, but what would you do?

Imagine your child is molested by someone close to you, someone you would never suspect as harming them. Or perhaps it is a situation where there is a step dad involved such as this particular case. Few of us ever stop to consider such an horrific scenario but the truth is it happens a lot more than most people think.

According to the
National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse, hundreds of thousands of children are sexually abused in the United States every year and it would be safe to assume the same takes place all around the globe. They also claim that between about 70% – 90% of the victims never tell and of the confirmed cases, 90% are abused by someone close to them.

We don’t wanna give into paranoia but this is a reality and the best way to counter it is to talk with your children so that they know they can tell you anything (since abusers usually scare them by saying they will kill them or their loved ones if they tell) and to always pay attention to your child’s behavior. If they are starting to get into trouble at school, if they have become quiet and secluded, if they are seemingly detached, and many other behaviors are usually signs to look out for. But in certain instances they are so good at hiding what’s going on that you would never know unless you can convince them that they can speak with you.

One more thing, if a child ever tells you they are being abused, never ever EVER ignore them or down play what they are telling you. Take it VERY seriously and stand by their word. If a child is not believed by their loved ones, they will never open up and confide in anyone again.

In this video, the daughter of this woman (and the man who shot her) committed suicide because she was being molested by the mother ’s boyfriend and the mother did nothing about it but allowed it to continue. As a result, the dad
decides to kill his ex-wife while TV cameras are rolling… (WARNING: Graphic footage)

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