Humans Have Dumped Over 400,000 Pounds of Trash On the Moon


    As if we already didn’t suck enough, more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that we have polluted the hell out of the moon already. Yes, pollution one of the biggest problems here on Earth is also a problem in space.

    You see, most of the debris on the moon is there because discarding equipment that is no longer needed helps astronauts increase their likeliness of returning to Earth safely. We have only visited the moon 12 times and yet there is already about 400,000 pounds of garbage there.

    Youtube Channel Half as Interesting has pointed out that literally, each moon landing left behind at least 22,700 pounds of Lunar Lander plus a bunch of other shit that astronauts just didn’t need. This even being giant bags of human wastewater that is still sitting on the moon. Rather sad now, isn’t it?

    There are 96 bags of human waste on the moon currently and this number is only going to rise as time passes. While some of these things were left behind on purpose and others were not they are still there even to this day. Most of the debris is accounted for by the wreckage of spacecraft, more than 70 vehicles in all to be completely honest. All of their remains are scattered over the surface of the moon and the rest of course as mentioned above no longer served a purpose so it was left behind.

    You can find just about anything on the moon. Everything from used wet wipes to golf balls and well tons of things in-between. I guess we just ruin everything we touch. Space junk seems to be just as abundant as junk here on our home planet.

    (Image Via: Youtube Video Above)

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