How to Trick Your Brain Into Thinking It’s High Without Drugs


    One of the biggest issues society is facing today is drug addiction. People are becoming more and more involved with drugs as people are seeking a change in reality. However, little did everyone know, you don’t need drugs to feel high! You just need your brain!

    The human brain is extremely powerful and capable of many things we are unaware of. Our brains are essentially the most complex organ ever discovered on Earth. It’s the epitome of spirituality and it can achieve much larger things than complicated mathematical equations. You can even harness the power of your brain to feel high! I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true!

    Getting high isn’t exactly a healthy thing to do, even with just your brain. If you aren’t comfortable in your own reality you will begin searching for anything you can to make it feel a little different. This is where drugs come in. People have been experimenting with drugs for hundreds of years and it’s never been good. Drugs are poison for our bodies and are extensively lethal. Messing around with drugs is one of the easiest death wishes there is. However, there is a much healthier way to achieve a head change – and it’s all in the power of your mind.

    Our reality is a mere trick that our brain plays on us. It is the assimilation of thoughts, feelings, memories, and emotions that create your reality as a whole. It does this by filtering sensory information to generate a workable perspective on things. But you can alter the brain’s electrical signals and brainwaves to make you feel differently.

    It all works by using different frequencies. Each different frequency has its own effect and you can choose between whichever you want depending on how you are looking to feel. Theta waves are a frequency that tends to range from 4 to 8 Hz and they are directly linked to intuition.

    Heather Hargroves has studied the therapeutic applications of altered states of consciousness for quite some time now. She studies at the University of Western Ontario. She told IFLscience that, “when going into trance, “shamans enter into theta states, which is dreamy, intuitive, open but focused in an internal way.”

    Hargroves study revealed something known as a broadband squish. The broadband squish is a term describing an event in which all brainwaves in the range of 0-20 Hz are shut down in certain regions of the brain before rebounding. The effect was extremely noticeable in a brain network called the default mode network, that regulates consciousness.


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