How to stop Trump? Barack Obama to be 'last US president' after revealing 'aliens exist'


But alarmingly Bulgarian Baba Vanga, who died aged 85 in 1996, also said he would be the last to hold office.

Now conspiracy theorists, who believe that 2016 will be the year Mr Obama announces to the world that aliens really exist and have visited Earth, have joined the dots and revealed a new claim he will discontinue the presidency after revealing the truth is out there.

Hillary Clinton has said she will seek out the truth on aliens and UFOs if she makes it into the White House, but if conspiracy theorists are to believed perhaps neither she nor Republican rival Donal Trump will ever get there.

Ms Vanga is credited with predicting the Boxing Day tsunami, 9/11, and Mr Obama’s presidency, so conspiracists the Democrat WILL be the last in office.

Alien conspiracy theorists are convinced 2016 will be the year for so-called disclosure, and they also belive Mr Obama will make the announcement before he stands down.

The thinking is that the revelation we are not alone in the universe will be so significant, that it leads to major changes, such as a world government being created, and the role of US president no longer functioning – leaving no place for Mrs Clinton or Mr Trump.

The alien pledge by Mrs Clinton and the hopes of disclosure from Mr Obama, have made this the most fierecely-debated presidential race in US history among UFO chasers.

Scott C Waring, editor of, speculated about Mr Obama scrapping the role of president after announcing aliens exist.

He blogged: “I hear a lot of people talking politics and saying Trump or Clinton for president, but what do you want? Who do you think will do the most for the UFO community and why?

“A famous woman, Baba Vanga made many predictions about the future.

“The most concerning one to me was that the 44th president of the US will be black, and he will be the last US president.

“Why will Obama be the last US president? Will he dissolve the position as president and give full power over to Congress. No man or woman should have all that power.”

Linda Moulton Howe, speaking on Jimmy Church Radio, said that the moment when world governments reveal that aliens exist is drawing near.

She said a Washington insider told her: ‘“Linda it’s on the timeline. In 2016, we are going to get out the news that we’re not alone in the universe.”’

She said: “Is there anybody in this room, who has ever seen a year unfolding at the rate of this one?”

Ms Vanga has been given a 85 per cent success rate with her predictions – so she could be off the mark with the end of the presidency claim.

But if the conspiracy theorists are to take her at her word, she predicted that it would not be until 2130 that aliens would arrive on Earth and help humans to live under water.

Coupled with this, a pinch of salt is required as she also predicted the Third World War would start in 2010, and that Bulgaria would be in the 1994 World Cup final.

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