How to Conquer Your Overwhelming Sense of Entitlement


    In the modern day world, we are facing issues that we don’t even realize we are dealing with. We all have a bad sense of over entitlement and it has not only caused us to be a generation of snobs, but it is destroying our perception of life itself.

    Somewhere along the line society has taken an overbearingly violent turn towards selfishness. We have all formed an overwhelming sense of entitlement and it has taken a serious toll on our perception of life and the pursuit of happiness. We have made life hell for other people because we place ourselves on a pedestal, thinking that we are owed respect and believing that we are important. While we are all important, there are over 7 billion of us here. This causes things to get a little more complicated, and somewhere along the line, a generation of narcissists was born.

    We all have an inner sense of entitlement that is natural. Humans are born with a basic characteristic of selfishness, but we are taught from a young age to overcome that – or at least some of us were. People these days believe that they are important and should be taken into consideration in every situation. While we should be living harmoniously, we can’t meet the standards of everyone or avoid hurting at least one person. We were all put here without asking to be and we are all expansive spiritual creatures. Our sense of entitlement has caused us to have a negative perception on life, thinking that it is unfair and happiness is unachievable. When people do not meet our standards of entitlement it disappoints us. You just can’t base your happiness on the actions of other people.

    Entitlement is essentially The feeling that you deserve to be given something you haven’t earned. The feeling that you’re entitled to special privileges beyond basic universal rights. We will never reach a universal agreement on any subject, that’s why you should just be able to live alongside other people happily, without affecting each other.

    You have to understand that we are all people. We were all put here without asking and all of us deal with unpleasant aspects of life. Nothing is significant to just you because you’re not the only one here. Respect is earned and is not a privilege. Life is good for people who make it good, not for people who expect it to be good.

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