How the Super Blue Blood Moon May Have Messed With Your Body and Sleeping Schedule


    There has been a lot of talk surrounding the super blue blood moon that recently passed, and while you may be tired of hearing about it, this is something you need to know.

    There were a lot of weird energies and symptoms being felt during the super blue blood moon and some of these things are still being felt even now. This is because the energies coming from lunar eclipses stick with us for about three whole months. Yes, you will still be dealing with these energies in the months to come, at least you are aware.

    That being said, this article is not necessarily about those energies but more the science-y side of things. Scientists have shown on more than one occasion that the different phases of the lunar cycle can affect our sleep or lack of sleep. While why this happens is a bit of a mystery, it DOES happen.

    Did the super blue blood moon keep you up? I know I had trouble sleeping and the more I look into it the more people I notice experienced something similar. Some even gained intense appetite’s along with struggling to sleep. Apparently, on the night of a full moon, we get an average of around 30 minutes less of deep sleep.

    “Have you ever thought about what the term lunatic means? It comes from the notion that something happens, physiologically and mentally, to human beings during the full moon.”

    “Think about the shape of an ‘M,’ but with the left and right sides a little shorter, and a big deep dip in the middle.”

    “We go from no moon – where sleep time is a little lower – to half moon – when our sleep time is at its peak – to the full moon, when deep sleep gets to its lowest point, then back to half moon.”

    “When you lose deep sleep…. you lose that satiety signal and gain the hungry signal.”

    “We do know that something changes within the brain around the full moon, where melatonin drops down significantly, by about 50 percent.”

    “the full moon is light, so maybe its an evolutionary imprint of the lightness of the full moon to put the brakes on melatonin [and] fool the brain into thinking it’s still day.”

    I hope this gives you some peace of mind, at least now you know there is good sleep to come. Did this past super blue blood moon keep you up like it did me?


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