How Pornography and the Sexualization of Children are Distorting Our Kids’ Perceptions


    Quietly, but effectively, society has used a number of factors to slowly sexualize the entire world, including children. One need only to watch a few shows on television, take a peak through a magazine, or peer at their child’s favorite doll to begin to understand how their child’s mind is being taken over.

    By strolling through the children’s section of your local clothing store, you will see bikinis, micro-skirts, and crop tops, all tailored to perfectly fit your child. And if that isn’t enough, there are also make-up kits, and lacy training bras to do the trick. Why on Earth would any three-year-old child need a bikini or some racy lipstick? Well, honestly, and morally, there is no reason. However, we are living in a world in which it has become acceptable to sexualize children from the get-go.

    While the mothers who opt for dress their children in fashionable, and sexy clothing may feel that it is cute, or fun, it absolutely isn’t. Instead, what they are instilling into their children’s psyche could lead to devastation. One recent study found that a vast majority of young girls as young as six, wanted to look like their dolls that were dressed in sexy clothes and makeup, versus their dolls that were dressed more conservatively.

    Furthermore, into the study, it was found that some girls, that were less likely to be consumers of media were intrigued and interested in the sexier dolls because of their taboo factor. On the other hand, girls who watched media, but had mothers that used these resources for education, were less sexualized.

    What’s worse, is the fact that children now have easier access to pornography. 7/10 children have accidentally accessed such materials, while 1/3 have done so intentionally. According to Donna Rice Hughes of Enough Is Enough, “The majority of porn sites have free teaser images and videos on their home pages and do not require and age verification.”

    Experts have linked online pornography to children who have acted out as predators, due to the fact that many see such material and then act it out with other children. 

    “Online mainstream pornography overwhelmingly centered on acts of violence and degradation toward women, the sexual behaviors exemplified in pornography skew away from intimacy and tenderness and typify patriarchal constructions of masculinity and femininity.”

    The only way to begin stopping this is to stop allowing our children to be sexualized. Children should not be wearing crop tops and mini skirts, with make-up, and their hair meticulously curled. This only teaches them that they are objects that must remain constantly beautiful for male approval. Furthermore, if your children have access to media, you must watch their behavior vigilantly, to ensure their boundaries. There are a variety of parental controls available on today’s technologies, and by all means, use them! It is the PARENT’S responsibility to protect their child from such catastrophic material. And in this world, we must use this responsibility.

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