How can our Cells Communicate With Your Conscious Thoughts in Order to Restore to Health?


    The power of the mind over the body has long been regarded by scientists and new agers alike for quite some time. And there are many included in that group that believe that the power of the mind is so strong that it can actually heal our physical body.

    Some believe the placebo effect to be a powerful example of the body’s ability to heal itself. Think about it, for over 50 years, scientists have tested placebos with results. And the numbers don’t like. In clinical trials where patients receive sugar pills, fake surgeries, or saline injections heal from the disease 18-80% of the time.

    If you think about it a bit more deeply, when we are cut, our body creates scar tissue. When we lose blood, our body creates more. If a bone in our body breaks, it heals itself. So, we know given those details that the body has the capacity to heal itself. Due to this, wouldn’t it make sense that the signals to heal itself are given, in one way or another? If so, wouldn’t it also make sense that our brain would also have the ability to send those signals with their thoughts?

    To take it to a more scientific level, our entire molecular system is governed by hormones, or the ‘molecules of emotion’, which are oddly enough triggered and created by our thoughts. Furthermore, our brains are created around our beliefs, which seem to have an effect on our neurotransmitters, or the receptors responsible for our feelings and emotions. These neurotransmitters also signal healing responses from the brain when we have been harmed.

    And just as scientists have found placebos to be effective in a variety of cases, they have also found links between the mind and disease. Diseases including cancer and even HIV have evidence-backed links to the mind. If this is all true, then wouldn’t it make sense that we hold the power to not only prevent disease but also to heal ourselves from disease. If scientists continue to look into the matter, there is no telling what they could unearth.

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