His Parents Found Him Semi-Beheaded on the Farm, When They Saw What Was Attached to his Cell Phone They Realized Why


    We all know and understand the dangers associated with motorcycle riding, however, Bradley Willoughby could have never expected what happened to him. When his mother Angie Willoughby discovered him lying on the ground she found it impossible to believe that his injuries had not been caused by the barbed wire fence.

    No, instead, Bradley became injured when his iPhone headphones became caught on the fence. Once caught, they wrapped around his neck and began to dig deeply into his throat, causing his neck to become deeply sliced. He then drove his motorcycle through a massive jump which damaged his bike’s throttle. He was then flung from the motorcycle into the barbed wire fence, which left his ankle broken and dislocated and caused his stomach to become slashed.

    Unfortunately, the copper wire inside of the headphones had already cut into his neck muscle, thankfully stopping just short of his windpipe.

    When his mother spoke to a local newspaper in Australia, Cairns Post, she explained,

    “Bradley had his iPhone in his pocket and had his earphones in and as he’s gone through the fence, the fence has grabbed the earphones and, because they were up inside his helmet, the barbed wire pulled the earphones straight across his throat.

    “No one realizes, but inside the headphone cord is fine copper wire which has cut through some of the muscle. He is very lucky he didn’t cut his trachea.

    “None of us thought earphones could be so dangerous. His father pulled the earphones out from inside the cut in his throat.”

    Thankfully, Bradley was rescued by a rescue chopper that flew Bradley from his family’s farm in Queensland, Australia to the hospital in Cairns. He received stitches to cover the massive, six-inch gash caused by the headphones, and surgery for his ankle. Now, Bradley is doing much better, however, his mother told Cairnes Post that she and her family had feared for Bradley’s life. “We just held him and kept talking to him and calming him down.” Continuing, he stated, “It just felt like what we had to do. It was after he was gone in the chopper it hit us how bad he could have been.”

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