Hillary Clinton Admits ISIS Was Created By U.S. Government


    The government and the mainstream media are covering up the fact that Hillary Clinton admitted publicly that the United States government created both ISIS and Al Quaeda.

    Every day when we turn on the news, they are reporting on non-news or telling the public about some war or some scenario involving ISIS. The mainstream news outlets are refusing to tell the public that the United Stated has never actually fought ISIS, but instead supported them and secretly funded them.

    The following video features Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton acknowledging that America created and funded Al-Qaeda as a terrorist organization in the Soviet-Afghan war:

    In the video she says,

    “Let’s remember here… the people we are fighting today we funded them twenty years ago.”

    What really bothers me is that she is talking about this like she is proud of it, not a single word of caution or regret.

    The United States created and funded major terrorist organizations, our former Secretary of State admitted this, and everyone is ignoring it; let that sink in!

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