Here’s What Happened When This Baby Survived an Abortion


    When Vicky Harper chose to have an abortion, she felt that she had no other options. However, after her son miraculously survived the process, she says that she “wouldn’t change it for the world.”

    Harper, was 24-years-old when she became pregnant for the third time. Unfortunately, due to financial and other pressures that were already on her and her family, she decided to abort the baby. However, when she went in for the procedure, it didn’t go as planned. After leaving the hospital Vicky began experiencing a number of symptoms, causing her to believe something may be wrong.

    She decided to take a pregnancy test because she still felt as though she may be pregnant, but when she presented the positive test to her doctor, he just brushed her off by telling her that it was probably just leftover pregnancy hormones. Harper ended up taking an additional 15 pregnancy tests, which all came back with the same result: positive.
    She explained to the Mirror, “I was really tired and dizzy all of the time,” continuing, “I was off my food. As I already had two children, I knew what pregnancy felt like.”
    Finally, she was able to convince the surgeon to conduct an ultrasound which confirmed her suspicions. By the time they found out, she was 16 weeks pregnant. Doctors gave her the choice of a medical termination that could prove to be risky and also with the option to have yet another surgical abortion that could possibly damage her uterus.

    But, Harper felt as though she had no other option than to have her son. “Although I was terrified the first abortion could have affected him.” Thankfully, Jack was born at a healthy 6 lb, 15oz. And when she saw her son for the first time, she fell in love. “I wouldn’t change it for the world. He’s special and he’ll always know just how much he’s loved.”

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