Glasgow, Silverburn Shopping Centre-16th September 2016


Location of Sighting: Glasgow, Silverburn Shopping Centre
Date of Sighting:16/9/2016
Time: 21:07
Witness Name: Jagman
Witness Statement:Silverburn shopping centre (Bus Station Entrance) at the time stated.

Observed a group of eight orange orbs flying in a controlled manner and in formation over the centre from West to East (approx)

A single solid orange orb at the front followed by two groups of three flying in a triangular formation followed by a single orb at the rear. (There might have been more but this is what I observed).

Altitude – 200m plus. Totally silent. Displayed no other light source (Landing lights or similar) and travelling at around 50m per second.

The sighting lasted for around four mins.

I am ex military have a CAA pilot license and this sighting is like nothing I have seen before.


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