GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Is this world's first genuine snap of a long-dead spirit?


Ghost hunter Jimmy Devlin, 44, is convinced the transparent figure could be the spirit of of a long-dead female coal sorter.

He committed the “spectre” to camera during a paranormal investigation at Lady Victoria pit in Newtongrange, Midlothian, where Scotland’s National Mining Museum is now based.

He said: “I have very rarely shared any of my work, more because of ridicule and cyber abuse from closed minded individuals. 

“I do however feel I would like to share this image I captured whilst taking random shots before my investigation began. 

“It was taken while standing on one of the high walkways that run over the old bogey tracks that surround the pit head. 

“It appears to me, to be that of a woman, dressed in a long flowing skirt, blouse and possibly her hair tied up or wearing a headscarf.”

He thinks it resembles the women depicted in recreations of coal sorters from the time which are available on the museum’s website.

He added: “I have been visiting the mining museum for six or seven years for public events. 

“But this was one I wanted to do privately. I went along with two or three friends who do this on a regular basis. 

“But we split up and I was completely on my own when that happened. We keep in touch with walkie-talkies. 

“This was a good capture. With the size of the place we have only really just scratched the surface.” 

Mr Devlin now wants to go back to the site to see if any more evidence of ghosts can be caught on camera.

He said the place has never disappointed during an investigation.

He added: “Some people find it scary, but it’s my kind of thing. I enjoy doing it. When you get stuff like that it actually keeps you going. 

“As sometimes it can be quite frustrating, it’s like fishing sometimes. 

“Although the mining museum never usually disappoints. Something tends to happen when we are there. 

“I will be going back there for Halloween weekend. 

“I have conducted many investigations there, but given its size I feel I have only scratched the surface. 

“I’ve also held public paranormal events here, where members of the public get the chance to practice investigating with my equipment, and just as importantly using their senses in the dark.”

Gillian Rankin, museum marketing manager, was not shocked by the snap and added that many members of staff had heard and felt strange things happen.

She said: “We do have ghost events here. For the family, and overnight events for the more experienced paranormal people. Jimmy comes with his full equipment. 

“There are definitely ghosts in the museum. We have always heard footsteps and doors opening on their own. It’s quite scary, but very interesting. Well, it’s not scary really. It’s a friendly energy. No sinister feelings at all. 

“It’s an old colliery so there is bound to be something there.”

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