George Soros Exposed: His Plan to Destroy America (Video)


    Billionaire globalist George Soros is widely understood to have his hands in nearly every aspect of human life in today’s world. In the following expose, we will explore exactly how far his depravity extends into the world, and why he has become one of the most hated men alive today.

    Through a variety of foundations held by Soros, it is believed that Soros is systematically dismantling America through social engineering. Not only has he funded such efforts, he has also greatly profited on the moral breakdown of American society.

    Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary and considered his father to be his mentor and role model. During World War II, his father sold information about the whereabouts of Jews to the Nazi Regime.

    He later moved to England and used his quantum fund to flourish his wealth by manipulating elections and economies. He went on to break the bank of England, and to become a convicted felon in France for insider trading. And while his efforts started in Europe, he has had his sites set on America for quite a few decades.

    His Open Society Foundations, which have provided him the disguise of a philanthropist, has also been a major facilitator in his efforts to fundamentally change the nation. Not only does this network have its hands in the education system, they also have their hands in nearly every social movement in the nation.

    While it may seem impossible to believe that one man could have such an influence over the breakdown in society, it isn’t. Take fifteen minutes out of your life to educate yourself on George Soros. At the end of the video, you will understand why so many people believe him to be the most evil people in the world.

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