Fukushima Reactor Cooling System Stops Following Quake & Tsunami


    The cooling system at Fukushima was not able to circulate water to cool the nuclear fuel because of a broken pump. This is information coming from the Nuclear Regulatory Agency.

    It has been reported that the temperature in the pool has gone up to 28.7 degrees Celsius. Increases at such a rate is said to pose no immediate danger. The reason behind this stop is unknown, but it has been mentioned that the system itself could have been shaken during the earthquake. The pool currently contains over two thousand spent fuel rods. There have been no leaks or strange things reported at this time, but that could change overnight.

    According to TEPCO there has been no major damage by the Tsunami waves. The first wave to hit the plant was a meter high and the second was “not very high.” There have been a few to strike the land thus far and more to come. We can only hope that the cooling system gets under control quickly as while it may not pose an immediate threat it does still pose a threat. It appears the issues around Fukushima will never truly be dealt with.

    We should not be fixing things as the issues occur but instead do what we can to prevent issues completely. Just how long will this cooling system be down?

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