Financial Whistleblower Explains What’s About to Happen to the Economy


    In this in-depth interview, Catherine Austin Fitts, who once worked on the board of directors on Wall Street, tells us what she believes is about to happen in the economy. Her knowledge is vast concerning those of economics and her predictions are based on her experiences in the financial industry.

    Greg Hunter conducts the interview and asks many of the pressing questions on the mind of a typical American in today’s economy. Catherine, who was once an investment adviser, is now somewhat of a whistle-blower to the industry, and her advice is decisive, and aptly on point.

    According to her, “The big issue in 2017 is how the government is going to get people to pay their taxes if the government is not viewed as legitimate? . . . We have a win/lose relationship between human productivity and labor productivity. If we want to get more labor productivity, and if we want a stronger stock market, then we need to change those models to win/win. ”

    In one quote, she even goes as far as to say, “How is the government going to get people to pay their taxes if the government is not viewed as legitimate?”

    Admittedly, she has a point. The world economy is a major set-up for failure, and at any given point the financial stability of the world can be pushed towards a manipulated collapse. Why? If chaos ensued worldwide it would be much easier to implement a global currency.

    While the above points were amazingly spot-on, the best in the interview would have to be, “The system has the capacity with monetary policy in one sense to keep going forever if the force and military capacity is there to do it, but at some point, you burn through the fat, you burn through the muscle and then you have to change institutions.”

    While there isn’t much that we can do to change the current global economic scheme as it occurs, we can prepare for the definite collapse of it all.

    It is of the utmost important to work towards the discovery of the truth and to find out who is responsible for our current situation so that when everything does finally implode, we will have the ability to resist against further tyranny. It is also wise to build up an ample storage of survival necessities, including healthy foods, and clean drinking water. A survival plan that includes a safe place to be, a network of likewise thinking people and necessities to live through it all is of the utmost importance.

    You can watch the entire interview in the video below. Enjoy.

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