FBI Instructed Orlando Shooter’s Wife NOT to Tell Media He Was Gay

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This is interesting because it destroys the FBI and mainstream media propaganda about him being an Islamic terrorist that hates gay people. Additionally, if he were gay why would he pledge allegiance to an organization that hates gay people?

The gay man claims he met Omar Mateen on the gay dating app Grindr and they were “friends with benefits”. He also explained in the interview that “I believe this is not terrorism,” but more than likely a hate crime against Latino gay men which he had a grudge against after sleeping with one who he later found out had HIV.

This gay lover is not the first to come forward though. Numerous gay men have claimed to have some type of relationship with Mateen and he was also reputed to be a familiar face at the gay night club.

Interesting enough, in spite of all this, the mainstream media and the FBI, continue to claim there is “no evidence”.

Power Quadrant

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