Engineer Builds Hand-Held Tesla Cannon that Fires Arcs of Electricity Through the Air


    As a unique, and bizarre homage to the infamous inventor, Nikola Tesla, this engineer created a gun that shoots arcs of lightning into the air. He calls his strange new invention the Tesla Coil Gun, a name that fits is extremely well.

    Cameron Prince is the engineer who created the gun, and he first introduced it to the world on Destin Sandlin’s YouTube page, Smarter Every Day. Prince has a healthy admiration for inventor Tesla, who was considered to be one of the godfathers of high voltage experiments. He even has a website which he dedicated to the inventor.

    The weapon appears to be something straight off of the movie “Ghostbusters”, however, the arcs of electricity that appear from its “barrel” are actually inspired by the famed Tesla coil. The Tesla coil was created in the late 1800’s in order to transfer bolts of electricity without wires.

    While using his “Tesla Coil Gun”, Prince wears a cooling backpack and special safety boots to ensure that he is not harmed by the electricity.

    Sandlin, the owner of YouTube page Smarter Every Day can be heard saying, “This is full on Ghostbuster stuff,” in the background of his most recent webisode, while filming Prince on high-speed.

    While warning viewers at home to not do the same, Sandlin even allowed Prince to shoot him with small streams of electricity coming from the gun.

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    The invention itself is pretty incredible. According to Sandlin, “The primary coil on a Tesla coil circuit is fatal, no questions asked.” He did add one provision to the statement, though, “but on the secondary coil the output is in microamps which is generally accepted to be safe but some people still say it’s dangerous.

    “Here’s the deal,” he warned, “Do not do this.”

    So, while the device is pretty science fiction in appearance, and it may even look a bit like a science toy, however, it is not. The device is excessively dangerous, and not to something to be played with at your local science fair unless you understand the logistics of the Tesla coil. That doesn’t mean that you can watch in awe of the amazing, yet bizarre device. Actually, we encourage that. We even provided a link to the webisode so you could enjoy it too!

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