Earth’s Geomagnetic Field has Spiked and Things Are Starting to Fall Apart


    According to a real time graph from Heart Math just last month there was a spike in the Earth’s geomagnetic field. It appears this spike was the highest it has been in quite some time.

    The Global Coherence Monitoring System detecting these changes has only been in operation since 2015 and has 6 actual systems based in several different places. It is hard to say what caused the spike for sure but we do know that the geomagnetic field can be influenced by solar activity, the moon’s rotation, and interplanetary activity. For those who do not know the Earth’s geomagnetic field is something that surrounds the planet and extends from the core to outer space.

    While lots of people try to make out like the geomagnetic field and Schumann Resonance is the same thing but they are a little different. The Schumann’s Resonance does not often fluctuate while the geomagnetic field does. For more information on the two in general check out the video below.

    When the Earth’s magnetic field is disturbed like this it can cause a lot of different things this including mental confusion, lack of energy, and sleep disturbances. The spike itself was measured first in Canada on the 26th of July with a Resonance power of 538.83. This then peaked on the 30th at 1006.6.

    Spike from July


    Since this has happened tension between the US and Russia has been on the rise more so than usual. Donald Trump as you may already be aware recently signed a bill sanctioning Russia for their alleged interference with the election in 2016. Russia has denied and still denies having interfered with the US election and the Russian government has now expelled almost 800 people from the country’s US embassy and consulates.

    On the 27th just after a 2-week boycott from Palestinians, Israeli forces removed the last piece of security they had placed on a holy site in Jerusalem putting an end to the conflict for now in this chapter. Revolutionary world events ‘coincidentally’ came during and right after this spike. Even Apple’s stock prices have spiked.

    Lots of things could be factored into this spike the day of and then as it reached its peak. I am sure most of you have heard about the North Korean missile ‘test’, that could be seen as a having been contributed to by this. The more you look the more there is, a spike in the purchase of alternative money sources has also been seen.  This all has to be related back to something, right?

    Lots of people believe that spikes like this affect things like global weather patterns, human behavior and things of the sort. There have actually been quite a few events we could consider out of the ordinary to happen since the spike. One could even relate the Tsunami in Greenland to this geomagnetic spike. This Tsunami is said to have been brought on by a massive landslide, but of course, it could just be a coincidence.

    According to the Heart Math website, these fields can affect every cell and circuit to a degree be it lesser or greater. One study they mention on their page could also have an impact on our hearts. Could these things be the result of geomagnetic interference with our lives? I guess that is something that will have to be researched further in the future to find out for sure.

    Check out the video below for more information on the geomagnetic field itself. Whether you think these are just coincidences or not it is quite interesting food for thought. I for one will be paying more attention as things progress.

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