Disturbing New Facebook Patent Reveals How The Company Plans To Spy On You


    In recent years, Facebook has come under fire many times for their lack of respect for customer privacy. However, this most recent patent could prove to be the most invasive of all of their policies.

    The patent was filed back in November of 2015, however, it wasn’t granted until may of this year. Unfortunately, according to CB Insights, what it does is predicts your emotion based on your face. In order to do this, it would capture images “of the user through smartphone or laptop cameras, even when the user is not actively using the camera. By visually tracking a user’s facial expression, Facebook aims to monitor the user’s emotional reactions to different types of content.”

    Yes, sadly, you read that right.

    Facebook can now utilize your camera to find out how you feel.
    And they don’t stop there either. They also plan to monitor how you view videos, so if the specific content can’t keep you captivated, they will screen it. They have also issued a second patent that was granted recently which can generate emojis based on your face.

    While to those who care nothing about their privacy, this is no big deal, this is a great deal to those of us who don’t want Facebook accessing our day to day lives, without our permission. Unfortunately, it seems that as technology progresses, our basic sense of privacy dissipates. What do you think? Is it ok for your Facebook app to access your facial features as an algorithm? Or is it an invasion of privacy?

    If you would like to turn the feature off, simply go into the settings on your phone. Choose application settings or Facebook for the iPhone. Then, toggle the permission for no under the camera. Voila, your Facebook app will be shut off from its new feature. Your welcome. 😉

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