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It is a sublaw of the Law of Cause and Effect. This law states that what is given out, comes back. Whether it is positive or negative. The universe has an excellent accounting system for our actions and one truly does “reap what he has sown”.

The operation of cosmos and our daily life is based on energetic exchange. We are in a constant dynamic exchange with everybody and everything around. We receive our life energy from the Source, from the cosmos, the planets, stars, the sun, from air, water, earth, plants, food etc. And we give out the received energy in various ways. Trough our communication with other people, trough our job and different daily services to others. So giving and receiving are two aspects of the natural circulation of the universal energy. Receiving automatically includes giving out and giving naturally causes receiving. For example, in every relationship we are giving and receiving. Giving love from one person causes the impulse to give back attention from the other individual.

These two aspects – giving and receiving – have to be balanced for a harmonious life. Our life energy has to be in constant flow – in and out, because the universal energy is moving all the time. If we stop the flow of energy and disturb the natural circulation of energy (either by not being open to receive or not willing to give out), there arises stagnation in our energy field. And new energy can’t come in. This refers to all spheres of our lives. Be it relationships, job, material wealth or something else.

For example: the salary which you receive for your services to others, is a symbol for the exchanged life energy. If you are hoarding on your money and aren’t willing to spend it, it blocks also the incoming flow of money and prosperity into your life, because you conflict with the universal intelligence and natural circulation of the universal energy.

Another example. If you are clinging to your job, although you feel it is time to change it and move forward into your development, you miss the opportunities for getting a new job, which would suit you better.

But if you keep the healthy circulation of energy, you’ll see that when you let old things go, there come new things and opportunities. And when you give out, you always receive back. The more you give, the more you receive. Just listen to yourself and exchange with others in a harmonious and wise way.


One important thing to remember here is that your intentions, feelings and energy behind your giving and receiving are essential. When you give, pay attention if you do it from heart. If you give just because it’s considered “good” or you think you “should” because of some kind obligations, but not really from your heart, you’ll lose energy. If you share truly from your heart, you already feel joy in the act of giving and your positive energy will multiply and bring you back even more energy.


So it is necessary to become aware of what you are exchanging with others in your daily life. Are you giving out smiles, joy, attention, love, valuable information or negative emotions, words, feelings, problems? What you give out, will come back. Of course you shouldn’t hold in or hide your negative experiences, feelings and difficulties. But it matters, how do you share them. There is a great difference, if you just “drop out your garbage” on somebody or kindly ask for support and help for finding solutions to the challenges you are facing.

To sum it up – be aware of your intentions and feelings when you are giving and also receiving. Yes, your attitude and emotions by receiving something also play a great role. It is essential to learn true gratefulness about what life is giving to you. This includes both things – positive and negative, because the seemingly negative things like difficulties and challenges are actually necessary lessons for soul growth. Of course it isn’t easy to accept this truth right away. But if you take a deeper look at your negative experiences and honestly find out the reasons for them, you will discover the hidden presents within and naturally become grateful about them. (To understand this better, we recommend to take a look at 8.2. Principle of Challenge and Negativity).


When you are truly grateful in your heart about everything what comes into your life, gratitude energy flows from your heart and goes to other people and in the universal energy field. That generates a circulation of love between you and others and activates in them the impulse to give you back again. The more you are grateful, the more the Universal Consciousness responds to you in a positive way and sends to you new blessings. This is quite easy to remember and practice when positive things happen, but specially necessary when facing negativity.

If you react to the negative blessings with denial, anger, fear etc. and don’t take the lessons from them, you’ll attract more similar negative events in your life. It happens because of the Law of Attention (Where attention goes, energy flows.) and the Law of Attraction (Like attracts like). So learn to focus on the positive side of the happenings and practice gratitude, appreciation and acceptance instead of judgement, criticism and denial. That will multiply positive energy in you and attract like circumstances, happenings in the future.


For increasing positivity in your life, it is very helpful to regularly consciously concentrate your attention to positive things. You can take some time every evening to think about the things for which you can feel grateful. List them at the end of the day into your mind or write them down in a journal specially for that. Trough such practice you’ll naturally activate positive vibrations in your energy field and attract like things into your life.


It is also essential to remember that you must not force yourself to be positive or grateful. Maybe at the end of the day you actually feel sad, angry or similar and aren’t grateful. Be absolute authentic and honest about your feelings, emotions, thoughts, challenges and real condition in every aspect. Learn to step by step face all negative in you and in the world, to understand it and to deal with it. Don’t hide or ignore something away. Don’t run away from negative experiences by just cultivating positive ones, by just “painting them over” with positivity. It will not work. Before cultivating positivity, you should first really understand the reasons for the negativity, which comes to you. Some negative happenings are easy to understand, some take longer contemplation, meditation or work with your subconsciousness and deeper spiritual search.

When you truly have discovered the reasons for the negative, you’ll see, how to react to it. You’ll feel intuitively and gain knowledge with experience, how to best deal with different kind of negative experiences. Some need just mental transformation, f. ex., consciously taking a deeper look at fear and transforming it into courage. Other situations ask for finer work with your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitude towards the negative experience. Because life situations are individual, you should learn different methods for dealing with negativity and by listening to your inner wisdom, choose the best method for the concrete case. But remember, no matter how negative you may feel, you can get out of these feelings. You can choose consciously what to experience and transform the negativity into a positive condition. Some situations can be handled quickly, but generally it takes time for deeper study, understanding of universal laws and functioning of thoughts, emotions etc. plus regular practice to achieve that.

But coming back to giving and receiving. Generally to receive something you wish, learn to give it to others. Be it an open heart, joy, loving attention or something more material. That will cause positive energy already in the process of giving and tune you to the specific frequency of your wishes. Similar energy frequencies attract each other and what you have given out, will come back.

Besides, understand truly that everybody and everything are connected – remember the law of Divine Oneness. The recommendations for attracting positive things into your life from this article aren’t meant as effective techniques for ones Ego on attracting what he wishes. This information is for soul growth and for practical use for a heart, who knows the Oneness of All.

But speaking about multiplication of positive energy in your life. You can start (or increase) this energy circulation between you and the world by always blessing others in various ways. You can do it with everyone and everywhere. It can be a smile, a compliment, loving attention, physical help, material present or a silent blessing in the form of a wish or prayer. You can learn to always meet others with love and express it in different forms – non-material and material presents. In fact, the non-material gifts like your loving presence, blessings and similar are some of the most valuable presents and they are for free. If you’ll start to share those consciously, you’ll notice how endless rich you actually are and how much you can share, not depending on the money amount in your bank account.


Remember, that: “Our true nature is one of affluence and abundance; we are naturally affluent because nature supports every need and desire. We lack nothing, because our essential nature is one of pure potentiality and infinite possibilities. Therefore, you must know that you are already inherently affluent, no matter how much or how little money you have, because the source of all wealth is the field of pure potentiality, it is the consciousness that knows how to fulfill every need, including joy, love, laughter, peace, harmony, and knowledge. If you seek these things first not only for yourself, but for others, all else will come to you spontaneously.” (Deepak Chopra)*

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