Did You Know They Make Gemstone Countertops? You’ll Want One When You See Them!


The kitchen is probably the most frequented place in our homes. It’s also where we keep our food, drinks, etc. So ensuring it is a warm, inspiring environment is key to our mental wellbeing.

So if you want to turn your cooking area into something truly inspiring and amazing, a place that is animated with vibrant, lively color and positive energy, then gemstone countertops
are a great place to start!

Gemstone countertops are made from semiprecious stones like Hematite, Tigers-eye, and Amethyst which are embedded in a resin base.

Gem Surfaces is
one of the leading businesses that has all but mastered the special technique that allow them to create these durable mosaics like no other. The
result is absolutely breathtaking.

Aside from obviously being very unique and breath takingly gorgeous, these
countertops are also stain and heat resistant. They are also super easy to clean when there is a bit of mess going on,
because they are non-porous.

Scottsdale Design Center documents this brilliantly as follows;


Amethyst is a semiprecious stone and one of the most luxurious
countertop options available. Washed with rich violet and purple tones,
these slabs reflect elegant quality and dazzle amid intense light. With
an enigmatic and intriguing crystal-like quality, amethyst stirs the
imagination and inspires creativity.

The use of white tones in this kitchen complements to the bright
purple tones of the countertop and helps the countertop to stand out
from the rest of the décor. The elegance of amethyst works well with
both traditional and contemporary luxury designs.


The strength and luster of quartz kitchen countertop makes this kitchen an elegant choice for all who admire the beauty of real stones. Quartz surface is exceptionally tough and hard. It is also smooth and non-porous, perfect for resisting even the toughest spills. Without the use of waxes or sealants, a quartz countertop can retain its luster for many years.

 Quartz is the style chameleon of countertops. Whether you like modern or traditional, apple green or ecru, refined or honed, patterned or speckled, there are a myriad of options in quartz. It also works beautifully with traditional design materials like glass, chrome, stainless steel, brass, tile, wood, etc.

 Labradorite (Peacock Blue)

 The look of natural stone is undoubtedly contemporary as well as sophisticated. So, it is a viable option when you decide to transform your outdated kitchen. Nothing will be better in terms of durability and elegance.

 In the picture, the deep color of the countertop goes in line with the dark-colored wood cabinetry. The white upholstery of the chairs and the floor contrasts and highlights the countertop. In addition, proper and adequate lighting helps the semi-precious multi-colored natural stones glow.

Petrified Wood

Petrified wood is composed of fossilized trees. No two pieces of this
material are the same. Therefore, it produces an exotic and lustrous
look. It is incredibly durable and is harder than standard quartz. These
slabs reflect a fossil that is over 200 million years old! The softly
blended brown shades project strength, beauty, and grace. The luxurious
surface of a petrified wood countertop will imbue any well-decorated and
designed kitchen with a remarkable finished look.

The hardness of petrified wood combined with its exceptional beauty
makes it an ideal option for kitchen countertops and other places around
the home! Gem Surfaces
is not just about countertops. They have many other ideas for
application. It is best to stop by and visit them at the Scottsdale
Design Center in Scottsdale Arizona and see the beauty yourself!


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